Wednesday, 13 September 2017

The princess and the prince

The princess and the prince  
At the centre of the earth there are wonderful waterfalls, flowing rivers and erupting volcanoes. But did you know that there is also a spectacular kingdom ruled over by a beautiful princess.

It started on one fateful day when  a loud trumpet interrupted the sleep of many people. Everyone rushed out to see what all the fuss was about. “The princess is seeking a husband” announced a man with a tall white cape. Every male  must come to the palace immediately.
As the doors were flung open Johnny saw the magnificent golden surroundings. A balcony stretched out to the heavens and the princess was standing right at the front of the hall. The princess was motionless with excitement “Brian come to the stage”  the small skinny boy walked up cautiously the princess looked at the boy  asked him a question. On hearing his response she said “no!”. The sound shook the room.

The list went on and on “next,next,next “ When Johnny’s name was called he walked up, his blood was frozen in fear. She asked him a question “what is more important being rich or powerful?”  Johnny was too scared to speak but then found his voice “neither, I think being kind is the most important thing” Suddenly the unexpected happened  she started to smile “yes, you have shown that you are wise and kind and would make a great prince” she said everyone was shocked why would she choose him over everyone else?


Jobs people do in Mekong river.

W.A.L.T visualise a story and retell 

Wednesday, 30 August 2017


Today we had to learn about how to make a poem
Mr socket fell off his rocketImage result for bells

and landed in a holy pocket
He fell out of the sky
Image result for person falling out of skyand gave a big scary cry
and then his eyes began to swell
so much so they looked like a bell
He fell into water that was red
The next Monday the was found dead

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Thursday, 24 August 2017

Three little pigs

3 Little Pigs

The three little pigs set off to find their way home through the forest. They walked through the dark muddy path which led through lots of long, scrawny trees. The hands of the trees stretched out and strangled the light out of the forest.  

The pigs saw their home. The pigs’ home was dilapidated and covered by moss. Circling the pigs home was the big bad wolf. Sharp grey claws stretched out in front of his muscular arms. His teeth were as sharp as a knife sharpened to it’s highest point and his obsidian black eyes were emotionless. The pig’s seeing this terrifying sight burst through the door and locked it quickly behind them.

“Lets boil the wolf ” one of the pigs said “but how?” another replied. “We’ll trick him to come into our house”. So they walked out and said to the wolf “Our door is broken, you can come in but you’ll have to come down the chimney”.

As the wolf made his way to the roof, the pigs began boiling some water. The time had come and the water was fully boiling. The wolf jumped into the boiling water and let out a terrifying scream.
A person walking by heard the blood curdling scream and immediately rang the authorities.

“I'm afraid that the wolf has been boiled I will have to investigate the house a little bit more, but it looks like you’ll have to take the pigs into custody” said the leading police officer

The police thoroughly investigated the crime scene, they dusted for fingerprints and looked for wolf hair. They were led to a cauldron “Yes we're sure that they boiled him in here” crackled the voice through the walkie talkie.

The pigs were put in the back of a van which was as grey as a rain cloud.  Thrown in the back with a thud, the truck shook as it went to the court. Inside the court was a tall man holding a gavel. The man spoke and said “three pigs you have been found guilty of murder in the first degree you are sentenced to 50 years guards put them in prison”. The guards put the pigs in custody.

The moral of this story as you will now have realised is think before you act.

Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Everyone deserves clean water

We were tasked to write about why everyone deserves clean water check it out.


Thursday, 10 August 2017

UN aid package

UN Aid Package

Water to drink .

Phone and phone charger so you can use google maps and other apps

First aid kit so if people get hurt they can use it.

UN Aid Package

Chocolate if you are hungry or for a sweet.

A book to read if bored.

Food to eat if you are hungry,

Tvisha and Aadi