Sunday, 10 June 2018


Stackem (camp)

Waking up remembering today is camp finally! I  arrive to school word of camp was spreading like the flu as i  go put away my suitcase i am accompanied by parents i put away my suitcase then i heard  DRRRRRing “oh the bell” . I said goodbye to my parents and he journey began as I arrived at camp I came to the fact that I was going to have a good time the camp instructor (Jazz) gave us a quick introduction about MERC (marine education recreation centre )
Then it was time for the best part activities!

The  first one was stackem my favourite it started like this. First  we talked about how to put in the crates in then we went in pairs I went with Joanna then we choose between us who would give the crates for the first people that was me Joanna got 11 crates after the other people went then it was my turn cautiousness was the key so that' what I did slowly step by step and it worked I stacked  13 .